Scripture Cake Recipe Search

Find a recipe hidden in the scriptures. Teaches girls where the different books are located.

3/4 cup Genesis 18:8
1 1/2 cups Jeremiah 6:20
5 Isaiah 10:14 (separated)
3 cups sifted Leviticus 24:5
3 teaspoons 2nd Kings 2:20
3 teaspoons Amos 4:5
1 teaspoon Exodus 3:23
1/2 teaspoon each 2 Chronicles 9:9
1/2 cup Judges 4:19
3/4 cup chopped Genesis 43:11
3/4 cup finely cut Jeremiah 24:5

Whole Genesis 43:11

Cream Genesis 18 with Jeremiah 6. Beat in yolks of Isaiah 10, one at a time. Sift together Leviticus 24; 2nd Kings 2,; Amos 4; Exodus 30; and 2 Chronicles 9.

Blend into creamed mixture alternately with Judges 4. Beat whites of Isaiah 10 until stiff; fold in. Fold in chopped Genesis 43; Jeremiah 24;. Turn into 10 inch tube pan that has been greased and dusted with Leviticus 24.

Bake at 325 degrees F until it is golden brown or Gabriel blows his trumpet, whatever happens first. Bake for 1 hour and 10 minutes. Remove from oven. After 15 minutes, remove it from the pan. Cool completely. Drizzle over some burnt Jeremiah Syrup.

Burnt Jeremiah Syrup

1 1/2 cups Jeremiah 6:20
1/2 cup Genesis 24:45
1/4 cup Genesis 18:8

Melt Jeremiah 6 in a heavy skillet over low heat. Keep cooking it until it is a deep gold, then add Genesis 24. Cook until it is smooth and remove from the heat. Add Genesis 18 and stir until it melts, then cool. After drizzling this on the cake, you can decorate it with whole Genesis.

Sacrament Meeting Quiet Book

Put together pictures of the savior and bind with rings or ribbon or staples.

Get missionary cards with pictures of the Savior on them (very inexpensive through distribution center). You can affix them to pages in a small notebook, or just whole punch the pictures. Have the girls assemble them and then they can look at them during sacrament.

Book of Mormon Word Search

Create a Book of Mormon Word search.

Prophet Newscast

Make a TY out of posterbaord. Have one or two girls be the anchors and 'interview' a prophet of old and tell us what happened in his life.

Conference Newscast

After conference or Stake conference, make a TY out of posterbaord. Have one or two girls be the anchors. Interview the girls on "TV" about what they learned. Give them a heads up so they will listen and have an idea what they want to share.